Vlogs are a great way for me to show and explain what life is like

for me while I am living in Brazil. Each video has something fun and interesting.

I hope you enjoy!

July updates!

(Posted July 6th)

 What Does Brazilian Change Look Like?

 I wanted to make a video that would inform people about what I do while I am living in Brazil and how I got here.

I decided to take a mini Pipa vacation and record my experiences to share with y’all!




Brazilian wildlife is probably nothing like what you imagined.

I know I was wrong!

This is a drink that I really like, made from tea, lime, sweetener and ice.

I’ve noticed just a few things about Brazilians and how they feel about the rain.

Care for an avocado? You’ll get your moneys worth here in Brazil!

How an elevator ride is comparable to the Bible.

This is by far the best way to wait for your light to change.

Thanks for watching!

cannon pic