The Real Brazil

Brazil is the 5th most populated country in the world and has many different wonderful and beautiful things to offer. While I was in the USA, I was asked some of the craziest questions about Brazil and I would like to put some of those crazy ideas to rest. So please comment and ask questions!


This is our first vlog! In this video we address climate, Amazon jungle, jet lag and beaches being everywhere. There are many wrong ideas about Brazil and what it’s like to really live here, so enjoy as we hit off this new series!


In this second video I talk about Brazil’s language and somedetails about the larger cities in Brazil.


In my third video we talk about the crime that Brazil has. Riots are happening and there are protest everywhere about almost everything, however, Natal is rather peaceful.

Hopefully this helps you understand more about Rio de Janeiro and favelas.


My fourth video is about crime and favelas specifically in Rio de Janeiro. There are many cautions to take when thinking about traveling to Rio, hopefully this answer or helps you to understand more about Brazil and the issues that they currently face.


This video is filled with random pieces of advice and knowledge that I have picked up over my time living here. This is a part one so be looking for more!


This is part 2 of the previous video, there was so much to say that I had to break it into two videos! Hope you find it helpful.


Our 6th video is on education here in Brazil and some of the reasons for homelessness and crime rates. Education here is tough but if you can pass the ENEM Test, there is a much greater possibility of you having a successful life.



In #7 I talk a bit about the economical of Brazil as well as the mortality and obesity rates.




What Brazilians Think About the USA

Videos taken and edited by myself.

lipstick and coffee

– Carissa Raye Todd