The Call

The Call

Brazil holds many beautiful aspects besides its natural appearance. For me it is more than watching a gorgeous sunrise or enjoying the amazing beaches along with these incredible people. When you are in the perfect will of God for your life, everything looks better. Everything flows because you feel the ease of obedience. No matter the location or the circumstances that would surround the situation, I would be just as ecstatic to serve the Lord there.

I was recently talking with a very close friend in the States and I told her, “I wouldn’t care if God called me to sleep in a cardboard box by the street, just as long as I am obeying God.” And I mean that. The section of scripture it reminds me of is Psalm 40:8-11. In verse 8 David says, “I delight to do Your will, O my God; yes, Your law is within my heart.”

We know that we no longer live by the law but under grace, however, our mission has not changed and that is to see the Nations come to Christ. Every one of us has the same mission, it just looks different for each one of us. And good thing too, we wouldn’t get much accomplished if we were all doing the same thing! God has given us all a special mission that was assigned to us specifically. That is how the Body of Christ works. Each of us doing what we are called to do is a beautiful thing! It is how we will see Jesus’ return! And I for one, am so very excited to see the day when He knows we’ve done our part so that He may come back for us!

Each day we should be waking with purpose to complete the quest, to see the results in the lives we touch with the Gospel. There is true joy and freedom when we know, without a doubt, that we are doing the perfect will of the Father! So do not grow weary in well doing! The reward is far greater than the hard times you may experience. We have the joy of our salvation and the approval of our Lord. Now charge into the Nations, wherever that may be for you, and bring them Jesus!!



-Carissa Raye Todd

Adventure in Brazil

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