Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery

On 2.23 people around the world shined a light on a very disturbing issue; sex slavery and human trafficking.   The 23rd was a day to post a picture of a red ‘X’ on your social media to raise awareness about the slavery that our world is still experiencing.

Most believe that slavery was abolished in the 1800’s under Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. The reality is that there are still 27 million slaves in our world today in 5 different ways: involuntary domestic servitude, sex slavery, child labor, forced labor, and bonded labor. These victims are hiding just out of sight, yet it is all around us. For the 2015 super bowl, 4,000 individuals were trafficked into the USA for the attenders of the event. Why are these people trafficked against their will? Because it is “good money”. Greed, lust and a spirit of captivity are the true reasons behind why slavery still exists. Slavery has taken on a new face but it is the same beast/issue.

Here at GO Ministries Int’l we made a statement together, stating that we do not only disapprove of slavery but that we are part of the solution.

Laci Bredahl and Meredith Eastman

Part of GO’s heart is to see slavery ended around the world. Because we are currently  unable (but soon) to help these people in the natural, we pray for the victims and sow into ministries that are on the front lines working. This month the School of Missions has been learning about modern day slavery! We are using a wonderful curriculum that teaches us from all sides how slavery today works and how to bring awareness. I am so blessed to be a part of this cause and solution.

The ladies of the School of Missions

Our  heart is for people and seeing the broken and afflicted come to Christ and know freedom in the most amazing way. We have all been a slave to sin at one point in our lives. One sin is not greater than another, and we are all called to liberate those captives, regardless of what we are slaves to. (Luke 4:18 & Isaiah 61:1)

This is partly why I am here at GO for this season. Abolishing slavery is not only a passion for me but part of what I am called by God to do. In Brazil, prostitution is legal and child prostitution isn’t. For this reason, children are at great risk for being trafficked. My heart breaks for these children! My greatest desire is to have homes for orphans and the domestically neglected children known as social orphans. (Social orphans are children with parents but the adults are absent from their kids’ personal needs. The don’t make them go to school or know their constant location.) Parents may also deform their children in order that the kids look more pitiful for begging. One reason why they abuse or break their children’s bodies is so they can buy drugs or alcohol. This is what I am passionate about, taking care of those kids and giving them an amazing Godly environment.

In conclusion, February 23rd is a public reminder to raise your voice and take steps to end  global slavery. There are 3 ways to make a difference:

1- Pray, this is the greatest and most effective thing that you could ever do because prayer changes things!

2 – Learn, knowledge about the issue is key in order for change to come.

3 – Support, many of us are not in the place right now to open a rescue and recovery center, sowing into one that has success now is a great way to get involved.


Thank you for reading and following me as I experience this amazing adventure known as a relationship with God! My life is and will never be defined as boring. Stay tuned for more updates while I’m down in Louisiana.


-Carissa Raye Todd

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