July Updates

July Updates

July Updates!

There are exciting new coming for Adventures In Brazil.

I am Carissa Raye Todd and I am passionate about seeing souls changed not just in Brazil but all around the world. God has connected me with Pastors Tassos and Camila Lycurgo, their church Defesa da Fé (Defense of Faith) in Natal, Brazil. Their ministry is for apologetics and to see people equipped for standing for their faith.

I have been to Brazil now 3 times, in total, almost 7 months. For me Brazil is not a short term field, a place to go for a few weeks and do a bunch of things to report about everyday. I am doing life here. Since I was 16, God put on my heart to live in Brazil, and that is what I am working towards. I will be in the US for a year or more to build up finances, apply for a religious visa and help with a missions program at GO Ministries Itn’l, where I went to Bible school in Shreveport, LA.

My time in the states will be this long because I am preparing to move to Brazil the next time I return. I will living more on my own and helping the church more consistently with their many new and growing departments. One of those is a childrens home that I am very excited about. We have a lot of ground work to lay for this home to take off and I know that the Lord has called me to help open and work with the church in this department. I could list all the different areas that I help with in the church but I really just help wherever they need someone, and I love that I can help them!

God has opened so many doors for me and His goodness goes before me. The dreams in my heart are no small things, that is one reason I know that it is God and not me. He cares so much for humanity and I am so honored that He has sent me to help them find Him.


Carissa Raye Todd

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