Desires of the Heart

Please be in agreement with me as our faith works together for these items. They are not only things that I desire but that the Lord has told me to be believing for! I know that soon there will be things checked off this list! God is faithful.

Number 1: Samsung Camera

Samsung NX30 Camera and additional lenses, cases, batteries, tripods, SD cards,etc.
camera Samsung

Number 2: GoPro Hero Session

The GoPro Hero Session will allow me to take more daring videos and photos as I travel, enabling me to make great videos.


Number 3: BauBax Windbreaker Jacket

Number 4: Windows Surface Pro4

Windows Surface Pro4, 256 GB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7e and accessories.

New surface pro4

Link for Surface Pro4:

Link for extension box:

Link for mini adapter:

Number 5: International Airplane

For this one I do not have specifics but I know that the Lord wants me to have a private plane for international commuting.

There are more coming soon! Please attach your faith with mine as we call in these items together in order that I may preach the Gospel more efficiently.

The Lord is faithful and always on the move. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of my partners, here are the things that I was believing for and now have.


This backpack is going to be so helpful for carrying the equipment I need to do the missions work in Brazil. It is a huge blessing to have!

More testimonials to come of His faithfulness!