When I was 20 years old I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a missions trip to Peru with the internship program I attended for 3 years, GO Ministries Itn’l. During the preparation time for Peru I was praying and seeking the Lord how to get ready and if He had anything specific for me and the trip. All He said was, “In all your going, come.”

At first I really didn’t understand. I thought that I had been coming into the presence of God, everyday, enjoying and listening at His feet. But He had another level for me. I tend to get wrapped up in the schedule and just going, going, going. I like being busy and making plans, but God didn’t want me just running around, He wanted me to come, even while going.

This New Year of 2016 is going to be amazing depending on who you spend your time with. We hear so many prophecies and declarations about the next year and we think it sounds great but it is our actions that will determine if we believe that it applies to us personally. As we walk through this new season, we need to be walking closer and more intimately with the Father. We know that we are in the last days and that things are going to be happening that aren’t exactly pleasant, but I know for me, I am covered by my loving Father’s protection and I will not be effected by natural things. Nothing can touch me under the protective wing of my God, that space is obtained through simply drawing closer to Him.

James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

That is a promise. For me, as I continue to travel back and forth around the USA and world, near my God is the only place I want to be. In all your going, come. Come into His sweet presence and have a wonderful 2016!



-Carissa Raye Todd

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