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This video is a brief introduction of how I got to where I am today, working in Brazil.

peru team
GO Ministries Int’l in Cusco, Peru 2013.

I’ve been involved in ministry my whole life as my parents were pastors in Montana. I always knew that I would be in ministry and that it was my calling. When I graduated high school I went right into ministry training at GO Ministries Itn’l. After 3 years there, the Lord and my pastor sent me out. This January trip was a time to experience the beauty of the country and it’s wonderful people, as a result, I am more confident than ever that this is where I am to be long-term.

August ’15 I returned to Natal, Brasil for 3 1/2 months, living with the Lycurgo family. I met this family at a Kenneth Copeland Believers Conference and they opened up their home to me. Now they have started their 1st church in Natal. I’m so blessed to be involved and a part of their family and ministry as I return each time.

Lycrugo Family: Tassos, Camila, Orlando & Tasya


As the Lycurgo’s church, Defesa da Fe (Defense of Faith) grows and we expand into the community, I know that we will see many youth come to the Lord and find what the world cannot give them. The vision for this church is big and will take time to see come to completion, but I am so excited to be helping mainly in the young adults group, media department and worship team. He paves and pays the way for me to work here, all for His glory and our good. It is such an honor to be serving here in Brazil.



Carissa Raye Todd

Adventures in Brazil

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  1. TasyFrog

    OMGoodness IM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M ON THE PHOTO Woah!!!!!!!!

  2. Bill & Jeri

    Carissa; thank you so much for sharing at the Filling Station last night, it was a blessing! I need to tell you something. You have a special anointing on you! I know, I can see it spiritually. Sometime when you come back to the Filling Station or another meeting that we will be doing, I want you to teach a short message and let the Holy Spirit move. Also if we ever have the opportunity, I want to have you stand with me and minister to the people by the gifts of the Spirit of God and if not me then someone, and as you stand, listen and feel the Lord tell you things then just call them out and let God do the rest, if it is a Word of Knowledge, just say it, if you fell a sensation or burning in you elbow for example, God wants to heal someone’s elbow, if you sense a pain on your right side, just say, someone has a pain in their right side and God wants to heal it. God will show you more. I believe the Lord wants to work with you in that way. You have the calling and anointing on your life not only to be an anointed teacher but an anointed teacher that operates in the gifts of the Spirit.
    All our Love,

    Bill & Jeri

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